Glassbottom Days by Willie Wilson

Glassbottom Days
Glassbottom Days
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Hardcover (first edition)
Bonne Resolution Press
259 pages

This is a new memoir from long time St. Thomas resident Willie Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a teacher on St. Thomas at the Antilles School. The St. Thomas Source says the following about the book:

"In "Glassbottom Days," author Willie Wilson revisits scenes from his Virgin Islands childhood in an engaging narrative that is part coming-of-age, part investigation -- one where memories are peeled back and old assumptions reconsidered. Along the way, we witness childhood dislocations in a tropical world, one populated by schoolyard bullies, calypso music, sexual awakening, parental infidelity, madness, grave robbers, and young love. One particular childhood memory resonates years later, when eight people are gunned down on a St. Croix golf course.

These vignettes combine with observations made decades later to offer a compelling portrait of a boy, a family, and an island in transition. The book becomes, in effect, its own glass bottom, traveling the shoals of the author's childhood, revealing colorful and startling sights. At times, peering into some of the darker crevices, the author discovers things even he didn't know were there. What becomes clear in the end is that the actual writing of "Glassbottom Days," is an important part of the story, and largely what leads to the book's ultimate note of reconciliation and hope, and to the understanding that truth often dwells in unexpected places."

We highly recommend Glassbottom days.