Guadeloupe by IGN

Guadeloupe by IGN
Guadeloupe by IGN
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This is a large, folded, one sided map. It is coated paper but not laminated. Opened it measures approximately 42 x 32 inches. This is a "Tourist Map", showing all major roads, minor roads, and detail panels of the towns and cities (Pointe - ┬ - Pitre, Basse-Terre, Le Moule, Le Gosier, Sainte-Anne and Sainte-Franšois). It also has small maps of the islands St. Martin, St. Barts, Marie Galante, Les Saintes, ╬le de la Petite Terre and La Desirade.

The legend is very detailed - showing many points of interest, road types, land types and ferry routes.

This map is primarily in French with some English translations (the legend is in both languages).

The scale is 1:100 000