Putumayo Presents Mo' Vida!

Mo' Vida! Music Compilation
Mo' Vida! Music Compilation

Product Description

A cutting-edge selection of Latin-flavored funk, hip-hop, ska and soul.

A hip dance party celebrating the new directions in salsa and pan-Latin groove. A cutting-edge selection of Latin-flavored funk, hip-hop and soul, Mo' Vida displays the growing influence of Latin music on the international music scene.

From the Afro-Latin funk of Ricardo Lemvo and the Cuban hip-hop of Orishas to the new-jack boogaloo of Los Mocosos and the French salsa rap of Alliance Ethnik, Mo' Vida is a fun and fascinating journey to Latin music's next generation. Mo' Vida also includes the steamy salsa of Sergent Garcia, the French-tropical hip-hop of Menelik, and Venezuelan ska fusionists King Chango. The Honduran raggamuffin star Bombon and Xiomara Fortuna, an adventurous new voice from the Dominican Republic, also provide memorable tracks. Mo' Vida is rounded out by newcomer Patricia Melecio, whose modern boogaloo cut "Funky Latin Boogalu" was recorded especially for this collection.

Latin music is constantly changing and developing, even while retaining the key elements of tradition. Salsa has always had rhythm at its core, and its main motivation is to inspire you to dance. Even when funk, hip-hop, soul, R&B, or rock enters into the calculation, the music here still equals a wonderful party.