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Dominica Road Map

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A complete road map of the Commonwealth of Dominica. It includes all the island's known roads and streets with their names, pinpoints diving sites off the island, and provides insets and street indexes for the major urban areas: Roseau capital; Mero / St. Joseph; Wallhouse / Loubière; Lagon / Portsmouth / Glanvillia.

It contains the following features
  • Attractive full color layout;
  • Rich topographic detail;
  • Symbol key, scale, and street index;
  • Insets of four main cities - including the capital, main and secondary roads, diving sites, beaches, parish boundaries, airports, a lighthouse, reefs, waterfalls, sulfur springs, natural reserves, a hospital, a shipwreck, cliffs, a post office, a university, a police station, churches, geological formations, waterfalls, ports, and other points of interest;
  • Depth curves, soundings in meters, longitude and latitude lines and other identifiers.

Size folded is 6" x 8" ( 15 cm x 20 cm ) Size unfolded is 29 1/4" x 48 1/2" ( 74 cm x 123 cm ) Scale 1 : 40,000

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